Notes from Meeting

Instead of competitions this year everyone is to decide on a project with the aim of having 3-5 related photographs that they are proud of by Christmas. This could be learning a new type of photography, showing the different side to your pets, based around a theme like sunsets, etc.  We will help each other improve at the meeting and through the (private) social network pages.

Business Centre:
Business centre: members have the opportunity to display (and sell?) photos upstairs in the ‘Tesco’ shopping centre. Photos are to be printed by members sized 10×8. We will look at getting frames 12×10 – more details to come

Next Meetings

Next meeting will take place 11/October.

  • Generally, talk about projects and social network pages
  • Karl will give a talk on the basics for beginners.
  • Intermediates / Advanced will use the studio lights and light meters

The meeting on the 24th will be a night shoot (weather dependent) locate to be decided

The meeting on the 8/Nov

  • Show photos from night shoot
  • Beginners talk on improving composition (we need someone to facilitate this, please let me know if you are interested email
  • Technical talk / workshop on DOF, Hyperfocal distance etc by Karl


I’ve sent around a separate mail on this – important point: get your photos in by the 22nd of Oct!

New Session 2016-2017

A little later than planned, we are starting back on the Tuesday the 27th of September at 8:00pm (map).

We are opened to everyone who wants who is interested in photography and improving their own photographic skills. This year we are going to change things a bit and for some meetings we will divide up into two groups for workshops / talks.

The very provisional plan for the first term is:


 Planned Content

 27/Sept  Welcome. Discuss plan for the year. Details for members only facebook/flickr pages. Talk about each members “project” for the year/
  11/Oct  Beginners talk / workshop on terminology (e.g. aperture, shutter speed, iso etc) Experienced talk on ??To be decided??
 25/Oct  Night shoot – meet somewhere around the town to take low light shots (weather dependent)
 8/Nov  Beginners talk on improving composition Techical talk / workshop on DOF, Hyperfocal distance etc.
 22/Nov  Workshop by professional photographer (Topic TBC – probably on on-camera flash use)
6/Dec Show and tell – talk about members project and what they learned from them.
20/Dec  Christmas party, date may change