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2014-03 Notes from meeting

Competition results

Congratulation to Doreen for her winning shot “Through the Mirror”.  A clear winner, it ended up with nearly more points than the next three photos together! Unfortunately, we can’t publish it here by request.

2nd place was won jointly, by Fiona, Michael and Karl for the photographs of “Blossom Festival”, “Mirror” and “Bird Table” respectively. You can see these in the slideshow below.

Other entries can be found at Our Google Plus Page
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Inspirational Shots – flowers

We had a quick slide show of different ideas while taking photos of flowers.  You can check out these links if you are still stuck for ideas

Other Business

We are trying to organise a talk by a famous wildlife photographer – watch this space for more information. It will probably have to be at 7 o’clock to accommodate the photographer travelling.

Thanks to those who’ve taken on the responsibility of looking after our social networking outlets. Links can be found on our side bar.

Next Meeting – click here

Next Weeks Competition (25th march) – Frames

Girl looking through window cut in cardboard box
An example of Framing

Our members’ competition for next week is Frames, i.e. use the composition tool of creating a frame within your photo. This can add extra depth, highlight an element within the photo and add context.

Remember, you can use almost anything as a frame around your images:

  • windows or doors,
  • overhanging branches,
  • arches and bridges,
  • parts of the body…

You can check out for some tips and inspiration.