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Night Shoot

It looks like the weather will be fine on Tuesday night so we’re on for our now annual night shoot. we will meet at the coffee house at 8:00 and head off no later than 8:15. Don’t forget your tripod and warm clothes!

Link to night shot tutorials:

Common Obstacles in Night Photography



Wildlife Photography Talk

Subject to final confirmation we have organised Andrew Kelly ( to give a talk on Wildlife Photography on Nov 22nd @ 7pm.
This is open to current members of Longford/Westmeath Irish Wildlife Trust Branch, Cavan Camera Club and Longford Camera Club and we will not be charging members to attend. If you are not a member you can join either of the clubs on the night.
Please email to register your interest, thanks.

Notes from Meeting

Instead of competitions this year everyone is to decide on a project with the aim of having 3-5 related photographs that they are proud of by Christmas. This could be learning a new type of photography, showing the different side to your pets, based around a theme like sunsets, etc.  We will help each other improve at the meeting and through the (private) social network pages.

Business Centre:
Business centre: members have the opportunity to display (and sell?) photos upstairs in the ‘Tesco’ shopping centre. Photos are to be printed by members sized 10×8. We will look at getting frames 12×10 – more details to come

Next Meetings

Next meeting will take place 11/October.

  • Generally, talk about projects and social network pages
  • Karl will give a talk on the basics for beginners.
  • Intermediates / Advanced will use the studio lights and light meters

The meeting on the 24th will be a night shoot (weather dependent) locate to be decided

The meeting on the 8/Nov

  • Show photos from night shoot
  • Beginners talk on improving composition (we need someone to facilitate this, please let me know if you are interested email
  • Technical talk / workshop on DOF, Hyperfocal distance etc by Karl


I’ve sent around a separate mail on this – important point: get your photos in by the 22nd of Oct!

New Session 2016-2017

A little later than planned, we are starting back on the Tuesday the 27th of September at 8:00pm (map).

We are opened to everyone who wants who is interested in photography and improving their own photographic skills. This year we are going to change things a bit and for some meetings we will divide up into two groups for workshops / talks.

The very provisional plan for the first term is:


 Planned Content

 27/Sept  Welcome. Discuss plan for the year. Details for members only facebook/flickr pages. Talk about each members “project” for the year/
  11/Oct  Beginners talk / workshop on terminology (e.g. aperture, shutter speed, iso etc) Experienced talk on ??To be decided??
 25/Oct  Night shoot – meet somewhere around the town to take low light shots (weather dependent)
 8/Nov  Beginners talk on improving composition Techical talk / workshop on DOF, Hyperfocal distance etc.
 22/Nov  Workshop by professional photographer (Topic TBC – probably on on-camera flash use)
6/Dec Show and tell – talk about members project and what they learned from them.
20/Dec  Christmas party, date may change


Notes from meeting 8 April ’14


Thanks to Doreen for her excellent talk on shutter speed for beginners/intermediate. A copy of her notes are attached to this message.


Here’s a link to the PDF re photography in public places.


We will hopefully be having an exhibition May or June. If members could keep this in mind when out taking photos or looking through their archive it will speed things up when the date is finallised.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be a talk by Luke Daniels on event photograph starting at 8:30 sharp. Thus our competition night will be postponed to the following meeting







Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on the Tue 8th April, 2014. The planned agenda will be:

  • Discussion on creating personal portfolios
  • Technical discussion on shutter speed with some inspirational photos
  • Discussion on how to watermark and copyright your photos

These discussions will be by some of our members, with everyone pitching in with their own experience.

2014-03 Notes from meeting

Competition results

Congratulation to Doreen for her winning shot “Through the Mirror”.  A clear winner, it ended up with nearly more points than the next three photos together! Unfortunately, we can’t publish it here by request.

2nd place was won jointly, by Fiona, Michael and Karl for the photographs of “Blossom Festival”, “Mirror” and “Bird Table” respectively. You can see these in the slideshow below.

Other entries can be found at Our Google Plus Page
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Inspirational Shots – flowers

We had a quick slide show of different ideas while taking photos of flowers.  You can check out these links if you are still stuck for ideas

Other Business

We are trying to organise a talk by a famous wildlife photographer – watch this space for more information. It will probably have to be at 7 o’clock to accommodate the photographer travelling.

Thanks to those who’ve taken on the responsibility of looking after our social networking outlets. Links can be found on our side bar.

Next Meeting – click here