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Next Meeting

Our next meeting is tomorrow, Tue 14th. Doreen will be running though choosing the right aperture, an essential skill for beginners and a good refresher for the rest of us! It’ll be a hands on session so BRING YOUR CAMERA!
For the more advanced, Karl will set up the studio lights so we can practice what Jason taught us in the last workshop. I’m going to restrict this to just 4 or 5 people so each person will get the most out of it; but if it’s successful we’ll run it again the next meeting (and again and again if necessary!). Let me know if you are interested either in the comments below or by email.

We’re back!

Our first meeting of the new term will be on Tuesday 16th September @ 8:30.  It’s the same meeting place as last year (back of the coffee house ).
This year we hope to have
* monthly competitions
* workshops / tutorials for all abilities including basic camera operation, using   studio lights, using RAW, mounting photos and different photographic techniques
* talks by professional photographers
All in addition to the support and advice of fellow members.

Membership is open to all adults, with any type of camera so please come along and check us out.